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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Renewing Your Car Insurance

Is your car insurance due for renewal? Renewing the insurance policy online is straightforward, simple and fast. But if that is the only reason that is tempting you to hit ‘auto-renew’ then you are surely doing it wrong.

We’ve put together 3 common mistakes that people make when renewing their car insurance. The intent here is to guide you in deciding the right cover and saving money on your car insurance.

#1] Not comparing policies

Renewing car insurance is similar to purchasing garments, a smartphone or any accessories. Won’t you do some basic research to land the best quality and the best deals? Apply the same mindset when renewing your car insurance.

What do you lose out on when you don’t compare policies?

● More affordable policy quotes

● Higher-cover package at a lower cost

● Better or additional benefits on the policy

● More add-on covers

● Better customer support and claim settlement

#2] Not opting for the right type of policy

Going back to the shopping example. This time, speaking specifically of a smartphone purchase. Do you settle for any smartphone, or do you check for the required features and then compare the prices of the short-listed phones? We hope you do the latter!

Similarly, it is important that your car insurance policy meets your requirement.

What do you lose out on when you don’t opt for the right type of policy?

● Savings ● Legal protection


Suggested policy type

If you don’t use your vehicle frequently

Third-party-only insurance

If you use your vehicle frequently

Comprehensive insurance

If you drive safely and want a low-cost policy

Third-party-only insurance

If you drive safely and want an extensive policy

Comprehensive insurance

If your vehicle is old, or you are going to sell your car soon

Third-party-only insurance

#3] Not using the accumulated No-Claim Bonus

If you don’t raise a claim in your previous insurance policy period, you are considered a safe driver and receive a No-Claim Bonus (NCB) as a reward. You can use NCB as a renewal discount.

What do you lose out on when you don’t use NCB?

You unnecessarily pay the premium from your own pocket.

When the time comes to renew your car insurance, check your eligibility for NCB and get it applied to your payable premium, thus reducing your overall amount.

Renew Your Car Insurance With Proton

Proton is an InsurTech company that is revolutionizing car insurance in the UAE. We are transforming traditional car insurance to make it fairer and smarter for you. Here’s how we are different.

Fair insurance

Proton Car Insurance adopts a behavioural-based model where you pay based on how safe you drive and not the average. When you choose to drive safely, you are less likely to cause an accident. So, you become eligible to pay less for your car insurance regardless of your age, marital status, occupation and other particulars.

Low cost

We are digital. This business model is cost-effective. So, we pass on the savings to our policyholders.

Hassle-free purchase

Buying Proton Car Insurance is as effortless as ordering your favourite meal online. A completely digital process with zero or negligible paperwork. In return, you receive competitive insurance as well as the flexibility to customise your coverage.

Quick claim settlement

At Proton, expect zero roadblocks, disappointments, or endless waiting when it comes to claiming settlement. We not only value your time but also peace of mind.


We acknowledge and reward safe drivers with the following benefits:

● Offers worth 10,000+ AED

● Car services worth 1,000+ AED

● Complimentary car pick-up/drop-off for pre-registration inspection

● 200+ discounts

● Offers for restaurants, shopping, entertainment and more.

To Conclude

The next time you are about to renew your car insurance, switch to Proton. We are the Car Insurance in UAE for safe drivers. Take a test drive with us and get up to 40% off on car insurance.

Sign up for Proton. Check out our app on App Store and Google Play.

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