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10 Steps To Obtain And Keep Your Driving License in UAE

Ask anyone in the UAE how it feels to drive, and they’ll tell you what a pleasure it is!

So, if it’s your first time behind the wheel in the UAE, and you’re wondering what it takes to obtain your driving license, this blog is right for you.

Step #1] Check Your Eligibility

You can apply for a driving license in the UAE if you are medically fit and aged 18 or above.

Age eligibility

Type of vehicle you can drive

17 years

Motorcycles and vehicles for applicants with special needs

18 years

Cars and light vehicles

20 years

Tractors and heavy vehicles

21 years


Step #2] Open A Traffic File

Visit a Road and Traffic Authority (RTA)-approved driving institute in UAE to open a traffic file. Submit the following documents.

● A copy of the passport and residence visa page

● The original emirates ID card along with its copy

● 2 photographs

● Eye test report

● A no-objection letter from the sponsor (if required by the related traffic department).

You can conduct your eye test with an optician or at the RTA-approved driving institute.

A driving institute offers competent trainers who familiarize you with the complete process of driving based on license categories. Your training will vary according to the type of vehicle you want to learn.

After submitting the documents, deposit the fees so that your application can go under process.

Step #3] Apply For A License

Contact the RTA to submit an application for a driving license.

Step #4] Receive A Temporary Learner’s Permit

The permit is equivalent to a temporary driving license. It qualifies you to start the training at the institute.

The total fee for getting a driving license in the UAE differs from Emirate to Emirate. It could range between AED 4,500 to AED 7,000.

This fee is inclusive of the cost of the driving school, documentation and the eye test.

Step #5] Attend Theory Sessions

The theory classes explain you the fundamentals of driving and parking. You are expected to attend 8 sessions either in the preferred learning center or online.

The topics in the 8 sessions are:

● Knowledge of traffic rules and regulations

● Attitude and responsibilities of the driver

● Characteristics of road user

● Driver condition

● The driving environment

● Traffic violations, driving on freeways and planning routes

● Hazard perception training

● Case studies, traffic accidents, and how to deal with an accident

Step #6] Pass The Theory Exam

The theory test evaluates your understanding of road signs, road signals, road hazards, and so on. It takes place in an RTA-authorised driving school.

Generally, it is the same school where you have registered at. You need to pay a fee for the theory exam.

Step #7] Attend Practical Sessions

RTA-approved instructors provide practical training sessions. In these sessions, you learn how to operate a car.

The number of sessions depends on the applicant’s prior driving experience. For those who have 2 years of driving experience and a valid license, the training period is reduced by 5 hours.

For those with 10 years of experience in driving, 10 hours are reduced from their training lesson.

Step #8] Pass The Practical Exam

Set out a certain time to take the practical road test. Present the RTA with the required paperwork, 2 recent photos, and your valid passport.

The practical exam comprises the following 3 tests.

A] Clear Parking Test

You must complete at least 12 hours of a 20-hour course before taking the test.

This test is completely automated. RTA examiners take the clear parking test. It is administered in the smart yard of the driving school. It involves

● Slope parking

● Emergency parking

● Parallel parking

● Angle Parking at 60 degrees

● Garage parking at 90 degrees

You can retake the test if you fail. However, if your fail count exceeds 5 times, you are asked to retake the internal assessment.

B] Highway And Night Training

This is the final test before appearing for the final road test. Female applicants are expected to complete training for highway driving only.

Step #9] Pass The Road Test

This test is 10–12 minutes long.

Present your Emirates ID, driving record, and 2 passport-size photos for this test. You also need to pay a fee for this exam in advance

If you fail this test, you will need to appear in 7 additional classes. A fresh test will be scheduled for you after you attend each one.

After you pass this test, you will be issued an approval paper from the RTA examiner. Consequently:

● Register the approval paper to the Pass Counter.

● Receive the driving file and submit it to Control Counter as well as the license fee.

● Proceed to the photo area so that your driver’s license photo can be taken

Obtain your driving license right away after completing the road test and evaluation.

Step #10] Take Car Insurance

After you get your driving licence, immediately get car insurance. It is mandatory to have car insurance in UAE.

Wondering how to decide which insurance company to opt for? Well, like you, many drivers face this dilemma, thanks to many offers and similarly-priced policy quotes.

Proton Car Insurance is your best bet. It adopts a behavioural-based model where you pay based on how safe you drive and not the average. When you choose to drive safely, you are less likely to cause an accident.

So, you become eligible to pay less for your car insurance regardless of your age, marital status, occupation and other particulars.

Benefits of availing Proton

● Low policy quote

● Digital process

● Hassle-free purchase with zero or negligible paperwork

● Flexibility to customize your coverage

● Quick claim settlement

● Rewards

● Offers worth 10,000+ AED

● Car services worth 1,000+ AED

● Complimentary car pick-up/drop-off for pre-registration inspection

● 200+ discounts

● Offers for restaurants, shopping, entertainment and more.

To Conclude

For car insurance, opt for Proton. We are the car insurance in UAE for safe drivers. Take a test drive with us and get up to 40% off on car insurance.

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