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About Proton

Building customer-centric insurance products, for a safer and fairer world.

‘Good must be rewarded’ — this is our business maxim. 
This is why we are transforming traditional car insurance products to make them fairer and smarter for customers. Our customers pay their ‘effective’ premium based on how they drive and behave, not based on the average. 

Drive Safer, Pay Lesser, Earn More!

Our Story

The world of insurance has evolved and become very complex. Over the last few years, many insurance companies, insurance brokers and online price aggregators have come up, but the customer experience and understanding of insurance products seems to be stuck in the past.

That’s where Proton comes in.

We are an InsurTech, building car insurance products for the 21st century. More relevant. Highly adaptable. 
So, we built a behavioural-based model that designs car insurance in UAE, where you pay based on how you drive and not the average.
After all, if you are a safe driver, why should we let you subsidize the cost of other drivers’ accidents?
We believe driving is more than fun, independence and privilege. It is a responsibility.
Every time, you drive to your workplace, take your kids to school, visit your loved ones, run errands, head on a vacation or just go about your daily business, you owe a responsibility. To keep yourself safe. Others too.

When you choose not to drive distractedly, drowsily, speedily, under the influence of alcohol/drugs, or aggressively, you need to be rewarded for good behaviour.

So, we thought, why not do so by offering you car insurance that reflects your behaviour on the road?

Our Team

We are digital-natives with vast experience in insurance domain and have first-hand knowledge of the problems of insurance product development, pricing, marketing and distribution. We are reimagining the insurance experience to be more self-explanatory, with a delightful purchase process and an engaging experience throughout the customer’s lifecycle.


Our insurance products and pricing are more customer-centric, with regular rewards based on customer’s risk-management behaviours.

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Mahender Bisht

Co-Founder and Director

  • LinkedIn

Mr. Bisht brings 18+ years of professional experience across Tech / Media Ventures and Management Consulting. Mr. Bisht previously built Tech Startups at Algorythma, a Venture Builder in Abu Dhabi.


Mr. Bisht started his career as a Management Consultant at Oliver Wyman and provides consulting services within TMT sector. Mr Bisht holds a B. Tech. in Computer Science from IIT, Delhi and an MBA from INSEAD.

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Anshul Srivastava

Co-Founder and Director

  • LinkedIn

Mr. Srivastava brings 25 years of professional experience as Technology Lead in the Insurance sector, across leading organisations such as AXA in South East Asia and Union Insurance in UAE. Mr. Srivastava is an ardent investor and mentor to FinTech and InsurTech ventures.


Mr. Srivastava is an MBA from IIM Bangalore (India).

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