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Quick Quote for your Car Insurance.




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Fast repairs through
“A” grade garage networks for all cars

Car windscreen cover up to AED 4,000

No Claim Bonus Protection: Your discount remains intact if the damage to the car is not your fault

Personal Accident Benefit inbuilt for both Driver & Passenger

Our customers love the Proton experience

I bought my insurance from PB and was asked to install this application and drive for 20 days to receive my Amazon voucher. I did that and Proton sent me an Amazon gift card for 100 AED on my registered email. I also collected points on the Proton application which I redeemed for 100 AED amazon vouchers by paying only 80 AED.

Nirmit Mehta

Bought car insurance as part of the "daily life requirements" installed the application and drove like normal and forgot about it. After a few weeks guess what? I was able to redeem a Amazon voucher. I hope this continues forever.

Rainier Maquilan

Proton app has been a blessing!! It has improved my driving and enabled me to purchase my motor insurance at a very attractive price


Car Insurance For Good Drivers

Get a Car Insurance quote based on how you drive and not the average.

Get protection that guarantees peace of mind.

Unlock savings daily with Proton's Cashback Wallet and hundreds of Offers.

Enhanced Motor Benefits with our Car Insurance

Free Lock
Out Services

Free Flat
Tyre Service

Free Battery
Boost Service

Free Vehice
Recovery Service

Free Fuel
Delivery Service

Free Off Road

Car registration

Toll Free
Customer Service

Hear from our Customers!

Here's how it works

Buy your Insurance

Get your discounted Proton Quote. Buy your Policy. Enjoy a fully comprehensive Cover.


Download Proton app and Activate Proton Wallet.

Build your Proton Profile

Complete 20 driving days with Proton. Get a guaranteed gift up-to 150 AED.

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Reward Partners

Unlock Offers worth 10,000+ AED

All Proton subscribers get car services worth 1,000+ AED.

Complimentary car pick-up / drop-off for pre-registration inspection.

200+ Discounts and Offers for Restaurants, Shopping, Entertainment and more.


Our Clients Say


  • What is Car Insurance?
    Car insurance offers you financial protection against loss of your vehicle, its property, your health, and damage incurred to other parties by your vehicle. The level of protection depends on the the local government laws as well as the insured value of the car.
  • Is Car Insurance mandatory in UAE?
    Car insurance is mandatory in UAE, which means you cannot register your car and drive legally without a valid car insurance. Having an insured vehicle in the UAE allows you remain safe and secure in case of any unfortunate unforeseen events.
  • What are the available Car Insurance plans?
    Third-Party Liability This covers other people and their property when you cause an accident. It’s composed of two types of liability insurance that are usually sold together: Bodily Injury insurance and Property Damage insurance. Property Damage liability covers damages you cause to someone else’s property. The damaged property is often a vehicle, but not always. (If you drive your car into the wall of someone's house, Property Damage liability coverage would pay to have the wall fixed.) Bodily Injury liability pays for other people’s injuries after an accident you cause. For example, if you caused an accident which sent two people to urgent care, Bodily Injury coverage would pay for their hospital bills and any medication they needed afterward. It's important to know that damages sustained by your car are not covered under this plan. Comprehensive Car Insurance This pays to repair or replace your vehicle if it ever gets damaged by a collision (accident) or by a fire, a flood, a hailstorm, an animal—or just about anything that isn’t a collision, or even if it gets stolen. Comprehensive coverage isn’t required by local law, but if your car is leased or financed your lender will likely require you to have it. All Proton policies are sold with Comprehensive cover, so you can rest in peace that you and your car are fully protected.
  • Do you insure Young drivers or drivers with limited UAE driving experience?
    We do insure anyone who promises to be a good driver that andour algorithm predicts is a safe driver and deemd fit to join #ProtonTribe. Even if you are not ready to purchase Proton insurance you can get a Proton driving score and it will stay relevant for 12 months. If our quote ever saves you money, we hope you’ll join our #ProtonTribe community of good drivers!
  • Does Proton provide Roadside Assistance?
    Yes - roadside assistance is included with every Proton policy and includes lockouts, flat tires, and towing (up to the distance in your contract).
  • How long will it take for my claim to get paid?
    In case of repairs done at one of our network garages, we settle the claim directly with the garage and you only need to pay up-to the Excess amount directly to the garage.
  • What are the Documents Required for a Car Insurance in UAE?
    Regardless of whether you are buying a new car, a used car or renewing insurance for your existing car you need to provide us with certain documents to have the policy issued. We provide a fully digital option where you can receive a quote by simply uploading these documents: 1. Emirates ID 2. Driving License 3. Car Registration Card (from previous owner if buying a used car, or a Transfer Certificate) In case of a Brand new car purchase, you would need to provide Showroom Quotation instead of the Car registration card. In case of a Used car purchase, we may ask you to provide Car Photos and / or vehicle pre-inspection ccertificate.
  • What type of Insurance does Proton offer?
    Proton offers Comprehensive motor insurance policy that includes Third-Party Liability cover. What is Insured? - Cover for your vehicle - Accident, Theft, attempted Theft or Fire - Replace locks if keys are stolen - Repair or replace broken glass - Permanently fitted audio & communications equipment Cover to other people - Your legal liability to other people arising from an accident
  • What is NOT insured in Proton insurance?
    'There are certain events where you may incur costs due to own negligence. Such events are NOT covered under Proton insurance: - Theft if keys left in the vehicle - Your vehicle damage if you are under influence of drink/or drugs at the time of an accident. - Loss or damage due to incorrect fuel being used - Where racing, rallying or driving on a motor sport circuit. - Damage or Loss if caused deliberately by you
  • Are there any restrictions on cover?
    Proton insurance provides Third Party Liability cover up to the mandatory amount required by law (3,000,000 AED in UAE). For all claims, a policy excess will apply and is clearly stated in the Policy certificate.
  • Where am I covered?
    Proton insurance coverage applies to on-road driving and designed parking areas within UAE. Off-road driving and parking can be enabled with a separate add-on to the Proton policy. Please contact us directly to enable this cover.
  • What are my obligations?
    In order for us to serve you and your insurance claims promptly and as per the policy, we require that you provide information which is correct and complete to the best of your knowledge. Further, you must report any incident to us immediately and you must report any accident, theft, attempted theft or malicious damage to the Police and obtain a Police report prior to filing a claim.
  • Is Proton's cover as good as the big insurance companies?
    Absolutely we offer fully comprehensive insurance on par with the big insurers, with a wide network of garages across UAE. You also have the option to customise your cover to suite your individual circumstances e.g. to add off-road cover. We work with an innovative underwriter with huge amounts of experience and with re-insurance support from global re-insurance giants.
  • Do you offer No Claims Discount Protection?
    No Claim Discount is a system used by Insurance Companies in UAE to reward good driving. For every year you are insured and don't make a claim, you earn 1 year NCD which can lower your premium significantly. No Claim Discount Protection is an add-on that allows you to make one or more claims before your number of No Claim Discount years falls. This means that if you make a claim (regardless whether it was your fault) your NCD won't change. NCD Protection is extremely useful if you have additional Drivers who drive your car, and you don't want to risk losing your NCD for their driving behavior. With Proton, you have the option to add No Claims Discount (NCD) Protection to your policy. Please contact us if you wish to enable this add-on in your policy. You must be older than 25 years, have at most 1 claim in the last 5 years and you should have more than 4 year No Claim Discount to protect. NCD Protection doesn't protect the overall price of your insurance policy.
  • Can I change the insured car on my policy?
    Unfortunately, UAE insurance regulations require a new insurance policy if you switch your car. We'll be glad to assist you in cancelling your exisitng insurance and getting you a new policy for your new car, after adjusting for any unused portion of your previous insurance.
  • How do I cancel my policy?
    You can cancel your policy at anytime by contacting customer service. Subject to no claims having been made (or likely to be made) in the current period of insurance, we will charge a premium in accordance with our cancellation scale. The cancellation will take effect from the date and time requested. If a claim is still in dispute and yet to be resolved (open) the full premium will be due.
  • What is the difference between agency and non-agency repairs? What do you offer?
    Agency repairs means that in case of repairs, you can take your car to the Manufacturer's agent's in UAE (e.g. AGMC for BMW cars) for repairs. Non-agency repairs does not include this option, but provides a list of garages that can do the same repairs - with original spare parts. Agency repair is an expensive option and generally not offered once cars are older than 3 years.
  • Do i get a replacement car in case my car has to be kept in the garage for repairs?
    Proton offers replacement car for up-to 7 days as a standard option. Our network garages are very efficient and service oriented, and they make every attempt to repair and deliver your car at the earliest.
  • What do I need to do to sign up?
    You need to be over 21 & have your diving licence ready, or be enrolled in a driving school. You can sign-up simply using your mobile number and we don't ask any other information until you have built your Driver profile in Proton. If you are happy with your Proton score, just scan your Emirates ID, Driving licence and Car registration card to receive your personalised Proton insurance quote.
  • What to do if you mistakenly delete the Proton app?
    If you delete the app, you will just need to reinstall it and log back into your account. Your data is stored securely in our servers and you can access it anytime.
  • How do we measure distracted driving?
    Distracted driving is one of the biggest causes of accidents in the UAE, especially the usage of smartphones for texting, calls or navigation while driving. Our algorithms can detect whether you are using your phone while driving and if so, for how long and at what speeds.
  • What happens if I am a passenger in another vehicle during the test drive?
    Once you download the app, we listen to the data from sensors built into your smartphone and our algorithms identify patterns in the data. This enables us to build a smartphone handling profile for each User. These patterns are different based on whether you are driving a car or are a passenger. The patterns also change for other modes of transportation, so we can tell if you’re driving a car, riding a bike, or on the train. Our algorithms can predict the transportation mode and driver vs passenger mode to a high degree of accuracy and this will continue to improve as #ProtonTribe grows.
  • Will the test drive drain my phone battery?
    We do our best to make sure our app is as battery friendly as possible. Many customers report little or no change, especially with the latest smartphone models. In all our tests, we have not noticed more than 5% battery drain due to Proton app.
  • I think Proton did not record my Driving Data correctly. What can I do?
    Proton app records driving trips automatically, and determines the transporation mode as well as whether you were the driver or not.
  • What qualifies me as a good driver?
    Basically, follow the rules of the road, be mindful of other drivers. Braking, speeding, times of day, miles driven and roads used all play a part of the algorithms which calculate your quote. Keep the permissions 'ON' we will definetely help you to be a safer driver and continously reward you for every trip you are going to take.
  • Does the Proton app need to be open when i drive for the tracking to work?
    No the Proton app works in the background once you have allowed the permissions. The app automatically detects start and end of driving trips, without requiring any action from your side.
  • Do you continue to monitor/track my driving after the test drive?
    No, we collect enough data during the Proton 2020 scoring period for our algorithms to accurately assess how safe a driver you are. You can choose to leave tracking on as long as you wish for, and we will reward you with cashback on each Trip as well as provide you with weekly reports of your driving performance.
  • What is the Proton 2020 Score?
    Proton 20/20 is a behaviour score of a driver, which gets after about 20 Trip days we will give you some feedback Proton defines your driving behaviour score in terms of how you are doing vs good driving habits. When you drive we consider things like your speed (vs road limits), your acceleration and braking style, your lane-driving and cornering behaviour and your distraction while driving. At the end of the 20 Trip days, we give you a Proton 2020 score (similar to the 20/20 score that your Eye doctor may issue you)
  • What if I am a bad driver?
    Proton will offer a quote which may be on a higher side , if you accept the quote Proton will definetely support you in becoming a very good and safe driver. If you dont accept the quote you can still enjoy some rewards and keep a track of your driving behaviour to comeback to us next year once you become a good driver.
  • Can I get a quote without taking the Proton 2020 drive?
    You may but you will not benefit from the discounts and rewards that our #ProtonTribe community members enjoy. You may opt-in to the Proton 2020 program later on as well if you want to earn cashback rewards during your policy term
  • What is the Proton 2020 program?
    Proton 2020 is our program to determine your driving habits. We then use that information to help calculate the price you pay. (Please make sure you are insured during the test drive period.) Here’s how it works: Download the Proton app Sign up and enable location & motion permissions Drive as normal & make sure you have your phone with you. We use the driving data from your phone to build your driving behavioural profile. It takes about 20 days, on which you drive at least once per day. We'll let you know how much you can save with Proton and provide you an instant quote once you share the required documents.
  • What are the benefits of Proton Insurance?
    Proton offers fully comprehensive Motor insurance which covers you, your car and thid-party liabilities. And with Proton, you can get the insurance price you deserve based on your driving style. All Proton insurance policies are supported by Proton App, which provides free unlimited access to a range of Offers across merchants in UAE as well as cashback rewards that can be used for insurance products and policy renewal.
  • What is the advantage of buying directly with Proton?
    You can receive a Proton insurance quote online or via the Proton app, and complete the policy purchase directly online. Our Customer Service team is available online, on whatsapp and on the phone to help you at any point of the purchase process. Your eligibility for discounts is based entirely off your driving score - so you can rest assured of receiving the best price from Proton.
  • How do I know I will save money with Proton Insurance?
    You won’t know until you do the test drive - it depends on your driving skills and habits—but good drivers can save up to 40% off their previous price. Only one way to find out!
  • Proton's policy cover and prices seem too good to be true. What's the catch?
    Simple, we don’t insure bad drivers, the 20% who make almost 80% of all claims. So our #ProtonTribe community of good drivers don’t have to pay out these costs. We are a lean Digital-first Insurer which means that we rely on technology and automation to serve our customers, and deliver a superior experience - whether it is related to purchase or claims. Automation helps us keep our costs low, and we pass the savings back to our #ProtonTribe We rely on our #ProtonTribe community to spread the word & reward them with cash when they make referrals.


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Proton is a trading name of Marshmallow Tech Private Limited. Insurance purchased through Proton’s website or smartphone App in UAE is issued by Salama - Islamic Arab Insurance Co. - the world’s largest and oldest Sharia’h compliant Takaful solutions provider.

Marshmallow Tech Private Limited is Private Limited Company licensed by Dubai International Financial Centre, with registration number CL3467.

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